In online games, different battle systems, and this gives more freedom for developers. Our attention today attracted free online games with a turn-based battle system. They are akin to chess, they make you think through every step and build a strategy for many moves ahead. Let’s pay attention to representatives with a similar system of combat.

Birth of the Legend

Asian friends, in contrast to many of their fellows, focused on the plot component. An unusual move made it possible to attract gamers to the project and win recognition in Russia. A deeply thought-out story contained an ancient mythology and allowed to plunge into the times of the gods and titans. We are invited to feel like a hero, fighting side by side with famous mythical creatures.

Play in an online browser for free for one of the five classes allows for a flexible selection of skills. The chosen character has the skills inherent only to him. At the same time, you can download skills from other classes. The freedom of choice and the flexibility of the path of development ultimately leads to unique variations of the characters. You are free to create your own characters and adjust them to your behavior pattern.

Game experience the character receives, passing quests and performing tasks. Kill monsters allowed in a group with like-minded people. The interaction between gamers is seriously worked out and takes an important role in the pumping process.

League of Angels

The collection, which includes free games with step-by-step combat online, has been replenished with a worthy project. Browser game has a standard set of attributes:

Bleeding a character;
Creation of the detachment;
Search and craft equipment;
Hunting for valuable artifacts;
Group battles, etc.
The project is distinguished by high-quality graphics, the artists performed their work perfectly. Each model is drawn as detailed as possible, and the locations look fantastically beautiful.

Online battle takes place in the standard for such projects mode. Browser step-by-step online games involve careful consideration of each turn. Characters possess skills whose properties are applicable against certain opponents. It is enough to think over tactics for a new enemy, consistently applying the necessary skills, and he will quickly be defeated.

Sea Battle

Do not confuse a free browser game with the famous desktop entertainment. There is no cell field, which is shot at random. The project is developed more deeply and allows the gamer to feel like a seafarer. Travel from island to island and dangerous adventures are waiting at every step.

The combat system is somewhat reminiscent of the classic, which was observed in the heroes of sword and magic. Ships have active skills and range. We place before the battle all the units and prepare to give a worthy rebuff to the enemy. With the increase in level, powerful spells are studied, and an opportunity to call assistants is added.