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Game: Champions Online on the PC platform

Play PC gameThe creators of MMORPG almost always suffer from a lack of interesting concepts. Game universes are multiplying with each passing day, and everyone needs an original story, a non-standard storytelling, the main action and side quests that should draw in both beginners and pretty well-pumped characters … Cryptic Studios decided not to think much about it and announced a simple one, like a valenok , an online project called Champions Online.

The plot line in the mentioned game is nowhere more primitive. There is humanity, there are enemies of mankind. Our task with you is to protect the former and destroy the latter. Naturally, the average office plankton is not capable of such a feat, and therefore we are destined to reincarnate as superheroes, nominally belonging to the species homo sapiens, but physically standing on their heads above all others.

Opponents around there is a darkness, and some of them will try to destroy their own race. Their motives developers yet do not disclose, but we, to be honest, do not doubt that there will be little logic in them. The thirst for power over all living and non-living, the passion for money is purely for their own sake and just a hatred for humanity, which in the past did not appreciate the talent. So, let’s get acquainted with all in order. Doctor the Destroyer is a genius with megalomania. A mentally ill scientist, Telios, nashtampovavshy army of clones and going to just about to release it to others. VIPER Corporation, hungry for economic domination of a universal scale and not shy in the means to achieve it. Underwater inhabitants, Lemurians, who have long laid eyes on people, however, it is not entirely clear what purposes – whether gastronomic, or territorial. Do you think the list of enemies is full? No matter how it is! Firstly, the Champions Online project is not in the final stages of development, and therefore good gentlemen from Cryptic for the time remaining before the release can add a couple of grandiose scoundrels. Secondly, listing the villains, we mentioned only the largest, leaving behind all the small things – monsters, aliens, small mafiosi and other shusher.

Free Play PC game

The main highlight, due to which Cryptic Studios hopes to attract fans, is the maximum possible individualization of everything and everything. Torsos, suits, hairstyles, facial features, make-up – we are used to that and take it for granted. But with the change in the color and appearance of the protective force field or, for example, the blaster fire, we agree, have not yet encountered. Bullets carefully selected for shoes, a magic ram in the tone of the hair or – what the hell is not joking! – false eyelashes: we hope that this will appeal not only to glamorous young ladies, who rarely wander to the expanses of MMORPG universes.

When creating a character, we not only carefully choose its appearance and characteristics – we are determined with the optimal sworn enemy. This comrade will always be half a step ahead, will interfere with all the beginnings of our hero, will rise on his career path and just mess up on the little things. Before the collision with him in an open battle will reach only the most persistent, and not the fact that a serious fight will solve the problem.

Another distinguishing feature of Champions Online is the dynamic combat system. No turn-based modes, automated strikes and agonizing waiting for the attack time. Everything decides the speed of reaction, agility and ability to quickly find a way out of difficult situations. Just do not think that the game involves only the spinal cord – developers promise that without pre-thought tactics and attentive attitude to the combat characteristics of the opponent does not go far. How well this will be implemented in practice, while it is difficult to say: the developers intriguingly keep silent about the details.

Unusual and the world of Champions Online – he’s really alive: every act of every player at least a little, but changes this universe. Having joined the project a couple of years after the launch, he will see something radically different from what was at the start. About measures to prevent complete chaos and anarchy Cryptic Studios says nothing, but I think, developers could not take care of them.

New PC gameAfflicts, perhaps, except that the graphics. Screenshots give the impression made in the last century. Lack of normal detailing, poorly drawn textures, caricatured disproportionate models negate the entire charm of the general customization, which was mentioned above. Perhaps the game will be polished and brought to a more or less acceptable form, but, frankly, it’s hard to believe.

As sad as it may sound, but a disgusting visual performance turns a good, in general, game into a trivial meat grinder. I do not argue, forcemeat will turn out to be notable and dynamic, but in order to see this, it is not necessary to spend time and traffic on Champions Online.

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