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Free games online 2017Fans of playing turn-based online games a lot. Most of them are interested in turn-based online games for free, because why pay money if pleasure is available and so. Platform Miniclip Games just offers to play browser-based online games for free, enjoying and gaining experience in the best projects. Let’s look at three online games in which millions of gamers play for free. But the list will be step-by-step strategic games, because they are in great demand.

Knight with the power of the dragon

Dragon Knight – a browser RPG, made with intelligence and alignment. Here dragons, heroes, magic, pumping. The gameplay is kazualen, so it’s very easy to master it. But this does not mean that the game is not remarkable – against the background of competitors, it is very much even stand out. Its features:

musical design;
beautiful graphics.

In terms of the gameplay, everything here is according to the canon – automatic running, quests and quests of hundreds, levels are enough for anyone. The plot is uncomplicated – there are organized an urgent search for the missing princess, and between the case is a massacre of robber bands and demons.

I do not have to miss

Good games onlineLeague of Angels is a browser RPG with elements of strategy, which is considered shareware. There is a beautiful graphics, a thoughtful training system and a game world with a huge number of classes – from battles in the arena and performing quests to farming and alchemy.

The main time is spent traditionally – in a hike in the game world, where you need to destroy monsters and gain levels. On the way there are NPCs giving tasks. It is noteworthy that each task has a background carefully elaborated by the creators. And all stories are translated into Russian, which is very pleasing. And still there are dungeons – there are hidden the most valuable things, but the security is appropriate.

Epic events

Play games online for freeThe birth of the Legend is the gods of Ancient Greece, its inhabitants and legends. The fans of the old stories about the heroes of Olympus will be very interested to meet with Zeus himself, to visit Athena and other deities. According to the plot, the Titans gained freedom and are now fighting with the ancient gods for the right to rule the world. Once on the brink of defeat, the latter ask for help from people on whose side the players are playing. It is necessary to take command of a skilful warrior and lead him to victory over a terrible evil, on the way having dealt with secondary tasks and receiving a worthy reward.

Here in these free step-by-step browser you will play on the Miniclip Games platform. If any of the listed gaming projects have already attracted your attention, do not waste time and start studying it.

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